Are US translation companies taking advantage of the current favorable dollar-euro exchange rate?

VoxAppeal is the translation professionals’ specialist provider for multilingual video localization in all languages. While text has traditionally made up the bulk of professional translation requirements, now more than ever, businesses require localization of a broad range of media supports, that few translation agencies are equipped to deliver. With over 15 years’ experience in its... Continue Reading →

Why “Turnkey”?

From the client's source audio/video files, images or websites through to delivery of identical products translated and localized to the client's target market, if your product is any kind of complex media, then the only guarantee of a quality service is a TURNKEY service. That is, a service from A to Z, from the initial... Continue Reading →

Silent Shwa (Blog Rec)

Here's an interesting language blog from one college student with enough time on his/her hands (what, anOTHer one? Just wait till they get a job!). Actually, his/her blog SHOULD be their job because there's some great stuff there - e.g. the "Facebook / Twitter - interdits" entry. Ca vaut le détour, franchement. Dubbing in the... Continue Reading →

Translating for your Web Market

Fiona Graham writes on about the importance of using professional translators when translating your company's website. What your "afterthought" translation process could look like. Or you could call the professionals. Citing one UK-based company: "you need to get one good person that speaks that language really well" and "I speak French so it was... Continue Reading →

VoxAppeal passe à la télé !

Suite à la visite dans nos locaux il y a quelques jours de l'équipe de France 3, et au plateau télé que nous avons partagé avec le maire de Morlaix et Député Européen, Agnès Le Brun, vous avez pu suivre un sujet sur la société sur France 3 Ouest samedi 12 février à 10h30, avec... Continue Reading →

VoxAppeal channel on YouTube

Just to add a little clarity to your misty vision of a specialisation that draws from several distinct activity sectors, just take a peek at some of the samples now up on the VoxAppeal channel on YouTube. Included are brief HD 1080p and 720p renditions of some of our customized subtitling options, excerpts from TV... Continue Reading →

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