VoxAppeal is a language services provider specialised in multimedia audio, video, text, image, and all media combinations, in all languages.

This means the internationalization of your text, your audio or your video files through translation, localization, conversion, formatting, proofreading and delivery, ready to deploy, in identical quality and characteristics to the original.

We have built a network of partners over several years, including thousands of  language specialists and professional voice actors. Your localization projects are managed from A-Z from our offices by trained and experienced personnel and our post-production & quality control is also in-house, ensuring a fluid and efficient process through all stages of production, all rigorously controlled within our strict parameters of quality.

Whether you require voiceovers, subtitling, or other more complex layers of localization, we are happy to advise you from the outset of your project, both on technical issues and on target-market norms and characteristics so that your message is perceived by its audience in a way that they can relate to and identify with.

We have already delivered in over 130 languages and examples typical of our expertise can be found:

  • in Web-based company videos,
  • on internal DVDs, e-learning and corporate training programmes,
  • on marketing and communication supports,
  • on interpreted recordings of Management communications to staff and/or to customers,
  • on IVR / telephony systems,
  • on GPS databases,
  • on YouTube and other popular, accessible and buzz-friendly sites,

Find out more on our Website – VoxAppeal.com.

Why VoxAppeal?


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