VoxAppeal originated at the beginning of the Internet age (well before Google) when a small recording studio and a freelance translation office combined to offer a unique audio translation service.

The facility further developed its expertise and technique while building a directory of specialised linguists and voice talents in all languages, moving on logically along with bandwidth technology to video and subtitling and the complex and fast-developing range of video formats.

After several years of collaboration with local translation agencies under the label VoxAppeal, the Ltd. company was created in 2014 with the object of taking the service to other professionals and institutions in language services and audio/video production.

The development of its unique processes has given VoxAppeal the advantage of situating its range of linguistic and technical processes within a single organic unit, thus offering its customers incomparable responsiveness, consistency and continuity across all languages and media formats.

The advantage that VoxAppeal offers to LSPs and media companies is that embarking on a multimedia translation enterprise now involves an enormous amount of training, development, and informed technology monitoring in order to be able to guarantee the level of quality that corporations demand today. The alternative is having to outsource to a range of different specialists with little or no control of quality persistence throughout the process.

Some of the know-how required includes –

  • coefficients of expansion between source and target texts,
  • characters/second reading and display ratios required in specific target languages
  • words/minute ratios in the spoken target language with respect to the source
  • …as well as various other criteria such as character sets and codes; a range of specific software and plugins; our own templates and macros for greater efficiency, developed and refined over several years; …and much more.

In addition to popular Web formats, VoxAppeal now regularly offers full HD and conference-scale screen formats as well as subtitling for 3D video in any language and any text script. The thousands of voice talents in our directory include languages such as Basque, Cantonese, Indonesian Bahasa, Armenian, Thai… oh and French, Spanish and German too.

Let us help you prepare for your next multilingual video or multimedia project.

Find out more about VoxAppeal on our website: VoxAppeal.com

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